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We call upon the blessings of our elders and ancestors to manifest our support and solidarity towards the victims of yet another colonial catastrophe happening in Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. This tragedy directly affected different communities throughout the state. Indigenous and kilombola communities, small farmers and rural lands, as well as communities from the inner cities have lost their homes and plantations, and their structures have either been severely damaged or completely destroyed.

Even though the floods damaged many communities and left hundreds of families without a home and limited access to food and other resources, much of the support for victims is coming from traditional communities. The solidarity and mutual aid once again prove that land and sovereignty for traditional and indigenous communities are vital for our survival.

There are many communities either directly affected by the floods or suffering from water, power and food outages. It’s been a challenging struggle for peoples to attend to their urgent needs, which will continue as structures need to be rebuilt in the future. The solidarity network between territories and peoples is providing the type of support the government and big corporations have never offered.

Communities are also supporting other territories and neighbors, taking in climate refugees and offering resources from their local production, in places where some autonomy of water and food production is guaranteed.

Now is the time to show that mutual aid is capable of transforming realities of pain and suffering. We need to come together to collectively regain what has been lost. We need to guarantee safety and dignity to the lives damaged by the ongoing capitalist ecocide.

That’s why Teia dos Povos [the web of peoples] is launching this campaign. We aim to respond to urgent demands, restructure affected territories and facilitate energy and water autonomy. Rebuilding homes and plantations, guaranteeing seeds and drinking water and taking care of energy and water autonomy structures are some of the actions we aim to accomplish with supporters’ help.

Help us support indigenous and traditional communities and peoples that are a part of our solidarity network.


Beneficiary: Eduardo Moreira dos Santos

Bank: Banco Topazio S/A


IBAN: BR1307679404000008453261008C1

Type of transfer: Swift

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